How Important Is Article Writing and Marketing?

Why Is Article Marketing So Important?

So, you’ve heard all the hype and hoopla about article marketing and you’re probably wondering if it really can help you grow your business.

First of all, for those that don’t know, article marketing is very important. Basically, in a nutshell, its online advertisement for your business. When you write an article you can tailor it to the top popular searches on the internet that relates to your niche business and get higher ranking on major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

This means that you have to get familiar with SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you implement SEO into your articles, you are pinpointing certain keywords and key phrases that people are searching for and therefore targeting your traffic and advancing your ranking on internet search engines.

Can Article Marketing Help You Grow Your Online Business?

Yes it can. Like I mentioned above article marketing is online advertisement. Besides video marketing, article marketing is the top way to increase your traffic and sales. For those interested in increasing their online presence, traffic, sales, and online authority, I highly encourage that you get into article marketing if you haven’t already.

Is It Easy To Write Articles?

It most definitely can be. Even if you aren’t that good at writing or if you could really care less for it, writing articles for your business or product doesn’t have to be difficult or taxing. Just sit down and write about 10 FAQ’s and 10 SAQ’s and answer each question. That way you could have 20 articles circulating around the internet with your name on them.

Or what I sometimes do, is drop by online forums that relate to my business and see what people are talking about. If you fish around the internet you can learn what topics are popular in your niche business and then write an article about it.

There are various ways to gather the information you need to write articles with good and meaningful content. Use your resources and have fun with it. It’s quite simple and easy.

Another method that I use and a lot of other article writers do, is conduct a Q&A session with their email list or readers of their blogs. This serves as a way to stay up to date with what information or answers are available on the web for your niche business.

Once you’ve gathered the needed information to write your articles, the next thing to do is simply write your articles. Not so sure how to go about it? Don’t worry about. It’s easy and I’ll show you how.

Video Producing to Market Information Online

Online marketing is done in many different ways, and the more you become involved with the process the more you find just how many ways there are. One of the ways that really get the best response is video marketing. When done correctly the actually response can be incredible simply because, the majority of people really don’t have a problem with watching something online oppose to having to take the time and read perhaps six, seven, or even more paragraphs. And secondly the way that the search engines are designed they will pick up videos much faster than text or audio.

Now some of the other issues you will encounter that are all part of the process is -

1. You have to actually write the things that you want read on the video.
2. You must position the camera in the proper place to record.
3. The lighting is very important because sometimes to the naked eye the area appears to be bright enough and after you start to record you find that it’s to dark or to light.
4. You have to watch the number of times that you say certain things like well, ah, you know,excuse me, and so on.
5. Understand that you will have retakes and depending on the length of the video you may have many, many retakes.
6. Once you have what you consider to be a successful video in the can,you then have to upload it to the place that you have designated to market it to. Such a a website, YouTube, press releases, classified ads, etc.

Remember none of this is brain surgery but it all requires patients and so degree of knowledge, which can all be learned very quickly. And the beautiful thing about it is that over time it actually gets easier. So if this is the best way to market online don’t you think you should consider learning about it and incorporating it into your system? I agree.

Online Marketing Training – Essential to Internet Marketing Success

Did i hear you say you want internet marketing success? But are you ready for online marketing training?

It does not cease to amaze me that most new entrants into internet marketing want internet marketing success without online marketing training.

I think this must be as a result of misconceptions about internet marketing, that there is a “gold mine” somewhere or everywhere on the internet just waiting to be plucked.

My dear prospective internet marketer, let me state categorically that there is no “gold mine” hanging loosely everywhere or anywhere on the internet, waiting to be plucked.

What happens is that sometimes, a few prospects without adequate online marketing training get lucky with some specialised and restricted knowledge gained or acquired and make some $$$ and this information gets round. They are usually never consistently lucky and hence such successes are temporary and are not sustained.

Another reason may be due to the hype by various “get money quick schemes”. These are mere marketing gimmicks.

It should be realised that Internet Marketing is a body of knowledge just like other courses such as medicine, accountancy, pharmacy, law, architecture, offline marketing etc for which people study and even obtain degrees before practicing.

It certainly will be ridiculous to expect success in these other fields of endeavour without sound studies.

Having settled the fact that training is crucial, the next thing is what sort of training is essential?

Essentially, online marketing training can be classified into two: Formal and Informal.

The informal training entails picking up relevant information in the course of your browsing and otherwise, in relation to the subject (Internet Marketing) in question.

On the internet, such information can be gotten or “learnt” on forums, various relevant websites, via e-books etc.

The formal training involves actually joining an online marketing training program or undergoing a course where internet marketing concepts and practices are formally taught.

My recommendation?

Given the benefit of hindsight, i would advise any new entrant into internet marketing to first of all arm himself with at least a first degree (university) or its equivalent. For the exceptional ones, a slightly lower educational qualification may do.

The educational qualification is necessary as a sound background for the prospect to grasp all the information (sometimes technical) he has to contend with in his march to success in internet marketing.

It is also important, as a basis for him to be able to chun out reasonably good articles in his niche as this is a very vital part of internet marketing. “Garbage In, Garbage Out” is a common saying which in this context presupposes some background knowledge and information from which you can now reproduce good content if your reliance is not to be on “duplicating content” or outsourcing your article generation.

Experience in whatever your field of endeavour is, is crucial in giving that required hands on knowledge and information base which you can then build upon.

Armed with the above, you are now in a position to imbibe and succeed with the various knowledge and information passed across to you via formal online marketing training, which i recommend. Essentially, formal combined with informal training seems best.

Where people get informal training alone, you will often hear them say they would have achieved success much faster if they had a mentor (formal training).

The advantages of formal online marketing training are too numerous and not the subject matter of this article and so we can only take a sneak peek into these here and they include:

=> Speedy realisation of targets or personal goals as you avoid the pitfalls of others.

=> Help in identifying legitimate and effective homebased business opportunities

=> Provision of a sound and tested internet marketing system which can produce desired results.

=> In some cases, provision of an already fully loaded money-making website ready to start taking orders and making money.

=> Provision of a forum where cross exchange of information can take place amongst newbies and internet marketing gurus alike and so where ‘grey areas” can be cleared.

=> An efficient support system which further answers specific questions the “trainee” may have.

=> An e-manual detailing various up-to-date internet marketing strategies which the “trainee” can deploy to get good results.

=> The presence of other “trainees” which provide that “school” environment which quite often propels one to action to achieve greater successes.

I can go on and on but as i said earlier, that is not the main subject of this article.

Some of the advantages listed above can only be gotten from formal training programs as opposed to formal training courses and definitely not through informal training and so i would recommend formal online marketing training programs which are also more “practical”, over the formal training courses and also definitely over informal training.

Above all however, i would recommend combining both formal online marketing training programs and informal online marketing training to achieve the desired result.

This essentially is because internet marketing covers a wide area and it is just not possible for its coverage within a formal training program. At best, such programs will only act as a springboard upon which you can now leap to internet marketing success.

Moreover, internet marketing is dynamic and new concepts and practices are emerging daily and you can only keep up with these changes through your individual effort in various informal online marketing training fora.

What perhaps scares away most prospects from formal studies is the thought of hard work and no money attached.

Let me however clarify that the hardwork is what you will still have to go through anyway, to achieve internet marketing success but is even made simpler by assistance received in the course of study.

As to the monetary aspect, while there is no specific monetary gain attached to the online marketing training programs, you get to start making money based on your deployment of the knowledge you acquire and this happens as fast as you can learn and put these into action.

Earning while(through?) learning is an apt description.