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Online Marketing – How to Overcome the Number One Problem People Fail in Online Marketing

By now, before you read this article, I know that you had already heard that online marketing is a way to promote your business, and also making some money online. Yes. That’s true! Many people have used online marketing to promote their business to the internet world, and some have made money online in the process.

However, 95% of the people who go into online marketing fail terribly and gave up as soon as 3 months into their business. This is the number one reason why so many people fail, and I’m going to share with you how to overcome it.

This is the problem.

Information Overload.

Read that sentence above again.

Information Overload has caused many aspiring online marketers to give up, before they try to do any online marketing! Let’s explore further why this is such a big problem online now.

When people bought the idea that online marketing can be profitable for their business and even made money online, they will attend many different courses on online marketing. No problem with that, and in fact, they have taken a big step in launching their online marketing business by educating themselves. After the courses, they are on to apply what they have learned in their business.

However, the sad truth is, many people who have graduated with basic online marketing knowledge, are not taking action and applying those skills they have learned into the business! They are not lazy, they are not complacent, but they are paralyzed by the amount of information online.

In online marketing, most people would have learned some basic forms of driving traffic to their websites, and these methods include free or paid traffic generation. For free traffic, it can be generated through blogging, social media, article marketing, video marketing, forum marketing, to name a few. For paid traffic, they can be generated through Pay-per-click advertising, Facebook Ads, ezine Solo Ads, Listbuilders, Banner Ads, to name a few too.

By just naming a few methods of free and paid traffic, we can see there are 10 methods that people can use to drive traffic to their business online. That’s where the problem comes in. People don’t know which traffic generation method to learn and to apply to their marketing plan. So here’s what they do.

They buy more and more courses on how to do marketing online, since they are so available on the online market today. They go on to learn more traffic generation methods as they feel that they are still very incompetent. And as time goes by, there come a stage where they are too overwhelmed by the information they are loading themselves, and worse, they feel that marketing online is so difficult because they have to learn so many things in order to get started!

Hence, 95% of the people did not start any online marketing activities, even after spending so much money on educating themselves on the subject. They are just overwhelmed by the information loaded on them. They are information-paralyzed.

How To Overcome Information Paralysis.

If there is only one challenge to overcome, I would highly advice you learn to overcome information load, or information paralysis.

Regardless of how many traffic generation methods you have learned, pick only one. Yes. Pick only one, either a free or paid traffic generation method. Next, commit yourself to master that traffic generation method, and stay focused and committed before you move on to another traffic generation method.

Of course, you can start with two traffic generation methods instead of one, but note that your focus will be diverted to two places now, and as you spread your focus on more methods, your chances of failure will also increase.

I believe this can be the most valuable advice for someone who has just begin online marketing, or has failed before due to the information paralysis they suffer online.

A Few Notable Benefits of Online Marketing

Online marketing is very important because it fits well with the way that consumers make their buying decisions. As a matter of fact, there are a growing number of consumers who are using social media and mobile research to find information about products and prices. Based on the information that they find through online research the consumer will then make their buying decision. Online marketing helps you to use information about a consumer’s buying decisions to promote your products and services in the most effective way.

Online marketing is beneficial in a number of ways. Convenience is an obvious and very important benefit. Since internet marketing works 24×7 you can promote your products when you like. With a brick-and-mortar store you can only promote your products during the hours when your store is open for business. With an internet business you can advertise your products at any time of day or night and you can also take orders at any time.

Online marketing also provides you with another important benefit which is that of overcoming the problem of distance. It allows you to sell your products and services anywhere in the world and you can achieve your goals without needing to set up local stores. In fact, when you work online you can also start exporting items without setting up a distributor network.

The best part about using online marketing is that it allows you to advertise your goods and services at a lower cost than what it costs to advertise products in the traditional way. You also do not have to pay recurring costs such as rent and maintenance costs.

Perhaps the best thing about online marketing is that you can use a profile of customer buying habits to personalize your service. You can keep track of what consumers do when they visit your website and you can use this information to offer the customer products that reflect their main interests.

It is also possible to use internet marketing to build solid relationships with your customers. You can use this medium to build a community of customers. Social media is playing a very important role today. There is also a strong link between social networking and growth of internet revenue. With internet promotion you can make full use of this link.

To sum up, reduction in promotion costs and quicker reaction times as well as effective competition are some of the major benefits that a company engaged in online marketing enjoys. What’s more, this form of promotion is also less expensive and it is also much more effective than traditional forms of promotion.

Give Your Brand The Leverage It Needs With Online Marketing

Branding and brand recognition are two things the web has to offer anybody who is online. The hours we spend on the internet browsing through several pages, or even just our Facebook pages, gives us enough time to identify a few logos, or come across a new brand. Have you ever been asked if you’ve heard of a service on the web as you suddenly recalled it’s company logo? Or advertisement? This is the advantage we can all have as marketing strategists who take advantage of the platforms our customers use to discuss and exchange information.

Online marketing is a skill that needs to be perfected. There’s no single strategy, but there are leading platforms that you can join to attract your customers. Here’s how each of them work and how they can give you that significant push to the top:

1. LinkedIn. Let’s begin on the level of business and create a network of the world’s professionals – top executives to blue collar employees. LinkedIn is a social media platform that houses the curriculum vitae of the most important people in the industry you wish to target. On top of that, it serves as a business directory, putting your brand into the book of who’s who. Connect on the individual level and create a profile for your company that everybody can follow. Organic leads are best gained through this.

2. Twitter. It’s a cocktail conversation, essentially. And it involves your customers. Find out what they’re each saying about you and engage them in conversation that they can appreciate. Twitter is probably the fastest moving viral tool on the web today. Anyone who is active on Twitter will know that if you disappear for awhile, you miss out on a ton of information. Keep tweeting; everybody is reading. And don’t forget to redirect them to your landing page.

3. Facebook. The mother ship of all Online Marketing strategies now lies in the hands of Facebook. In as much as SEO is important for search, we are now beginning to learn that Facebook pages are gaining more traffic than landing pages of company websites. If that is the case, then applications and pages on Facebook are about to change the face of how we do business. Advertising on the site and targeting specific audiences will also come easy for those who want to speak directly with their prospects.

Engage your clients in an informal conversation and gain their trust through social media. It’s a great online tool that enhances camaraderie among individuals and you can make the most of it by joining in the fun!